01. He got sick at the barbecue after eating a hamburger that was still [raw] in the middle.
02. His throat was [raw] from coughing all day.
03. My Mexican friend Laura made a delicious dish that featured [raw] fish which had been marinated in lemon juice.
04. It is hard to imagine that the [raw] wool that comes from sheep is eventually made into a beautiful sweater like this.
05. The city of Victoria currently discharges [raw] sewage into the ocean.
06. British Columbia sends [raw] logs overseas, where they are turned into fine furniture, and sold back to us.
07. The baby's bum was [raw] from a terrible diaper rash.
08. My Japanese students said that [raw] carrots were the worst food they ate while they were here in California.
09. In my country, we don't usually eat [raw] vegetables; we steam or fry everything.
10. My son loves to eat sushi with [raw] fish, especially tuna.
11. In 1984, a man ate 13 [raw] eggs in one second, in order to make a new world's record.
12. In Chile, many minerals are mined as [raw] materials for overseas industries.
13. To the Congolese people, ants are considered a special treat, either [raw] or roasted.
14. Although much of our garbage contains valuable [raw] materials, most of it is simply burned or buried.
15. The enormous amounts of information generally gathered in survey research is incomprehensible in [raw] form.
16. A [raw] apple is about 84% water.
17. Industry is now realizing that everything that is recycled reduces the expense of buying [raw] materials.
18. John Powell once suggested that to reveal ourselves openly and honestly takes the [rawest] kind of courage.
19. In their search for [raw] materials, industrialized countries often ignore the interests of developing countries.

Grammatical examples in English. 2013.


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